Thursday, September 13, 2007

Heartwarming Story for the Day

A round of applause goes to the employees and management of Jack's Towing of Missouri for their role in helping complete a bus stop shelter for school kids in their community. This is a great example of how towing companies can build a positive image AND garner some free publicity.

Nice story by Dan Hassett in the Waynesville Daily Guide about this project headed up by one mom named Pam Fry. Read it here.


Dan Hassett said...

Thanks for the plug, Cyndi, but the Waynesville Daily Guide and Jack's Towing are in Missouri, not Virginia.
Dan Hassett
Daily Guide editor.

Cyndi Kight, Contributing Editor of Towing & Recovery Footnotes said...

Definitely an OOOPS! on my part, Dan! It's been fixed, with my apologies.