Monday, November 9, 2009

Tow Truck For Tots Sets New Record

Way to go! Here's the Southtown Star story:

Finding a tow truck in the Southland might have been a bit of a challenge Sunday morning.

A total of 309 tow trucks traveled from the Caterpillar Plant in Joliet to Toyota Park in Bridgeview.

The procession was sponsored by the Tow Trucks for Tots program, which started last year to support Toys for Tots.

The parade of tow trucks set a new world record, outnumbering last year's figure by 69.

Every kind of tow truck participated in the convoy. Heavy-duty trucks led the way, followed by flatbed, light-duty and antique tow trucks.

The trucks proceeded from Joliet along Interstate 55, exited at Harlem Avenue and turned into the Toyota Park lot at 70th Street.

Each truck carried hundreds of toys, which were transferred into large trucks and delivered to the Toys for Tots warehouse in Bridgeview.

"It's truly an amazing thing," said George Fortier, a Toys for Tots volunteer.

Jim Brosnahan, of Chariot Automotive and Towing, led the procession, an honor given to the towing company that collected the most toys last year.

Brosnahan delivered 497 toys this year, up from 376 a year ago. His Countryside-based company also raised $700 for Toys for Tots.

"We improved our total from last year, which was wonderful," Brosnahan said.

Brosnahan said toys were collected at his garage and other collection points in Countryside. He also relied on his longtime customers to pitch in.

"I think this is going to make a ton of people happy at Christmas," Brosnahan said. "It's not the number of toys; it's the number of children we helped."

Anna Caputo, a Toys for Tots volunteer, said the number of people relying on the organization has grown.

"There's a lot more requests," said Caputo, who added the Tow Trucks for Tots program will help meet the increased need.

"They're not getting one toy, they're getting a bag full of toys," she said.

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